How To Write A College Essay

It is a beautiful irony that one has to write admission essays to be admitted into an institution where they are expected to churn out more. It does not matter whether it is a mission statement, vision statement or admission request into a college for a specified program. A lot rides on that first paper. A lot of books and blogs have been written about writing these papers. But it all boils down to a few basic tips which this article will try to explore. This is all the college essay help anyone ever needed. Writing essays might be deemed hard but it is certainly not rocket science.

This means that one can write without the associated burnout and stress.

But one at least needs to know how to go about it. There are many professional writing companies that one can hire to do these tasks for them. As much as one might be in deep with sloth, if it is a specific personal essay, it is better to do it yourself. One can then hire help for all the other academic research school essays. Besides, writing is an art that one can learn when armed with the right tools and rules. This will both save on money, which is important since all college students are always cash strapped, and give one a sense of satisfaction on successful completion of the task.

About Brevity and Concision

When applying for a position in a scholarly institution, it is tempting to break out the jargon and the hard words so as to impress the judging bodies that be. This is the wrong thing to do. What one should do instead is express themselves clearly and in the simplest language possible. It might seem obvious that any essay as a rule of thumb should be grammatically correct with no misspells but it is not.

This means that the writer should proofread their work.

They should also feel free to consult a thesaurus, online dictionary or Google if in doubt of how to use a word or construct a sentence. Just like in formal speech, use of the passive voice while writing is discouraged. It is always better to use the active voice. It is also advised to use the least number of words possible. Wordiness does not guarantee clarity of content. More often than not, it has the opposite effect. It is equally important to run away from clich’s and popular figures of speech. These have a tendency of giving the essay an impersonalized feel. In describing one’s personal attributes, it is important to be specific and not generalize. This applies in academic research essays too. One should give a precise answer without taking the audience round in circles with no clear end or goal in sight. It is equally important for the writer to put on the shoes of the audience. How many essays has the lecturer graded and will their paper stand out or seem as generic as the rest of the lot? What would make someone read and prefer their content to the next person’s. Last but not least, the content should be unique. One can make sure of this by running the essay through plagiarism checkers right before submission. Most of the plagiarism checkers are free. There are even some which can also help with citations and formatting. If one takes all these pointers into account, they are guaranteed to churn an above average essay. Happy writing everyone!

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